March 31, 2013


March 30, 2013


March 28, 2013

Dreams always start the race


March 27, 2013

Buckethead, the early years
(a recent flea market find)


March 20, 2013

This pic reminds me of my great-grandfather
He was a man who enjoyed passing along knowledge


March 17, 2013

Life is about light and darkness
Deciding where you want to be
Shouldn't be a difficult decision


March 14, 2013

When your feet leave the ground
The world spins a smile


March 09, 2013

Names written on the back of cabinet cards
Sometimes lead you down strange paths
The sad tale of Herman Thielke
(this cabinet card is from his younger years)

On Saturday afternoon last Herman Thielke, who resides five miles south of Thorp, Clark County, Wis., went to work as usual, in apparent good health, putting roof boards on a shed he was building for storage of his farm machinery. He was on the roof when suddenly he was noticed to sink down in a reclining position by Sidney F. Thompson, who was also on the roof within a few feet of where Mr. Thielke was standing, and upon being asked by Mr. Thompson what ailed him, Mr. Thielke answered, "I don't know." Mr. Andrew Metcalf, who was also assisting in building the shed was on the ground but a few feet distant from the shed. By the aid of two men and Mrs. Thielke and Minnie Rosin, who were summoned from the house near by, Mr. Thielke was taken from the roof, which was only about ten feet high, and carried into the house, but was dead when they reached the dwelling. On Sunday afternoon justice George Burke summoned L. O. Garrison, M. Wiltgen, F. A. Arms, C. L. Adams, H. Leibold and Wm. Wagner as a jury, who in company with Drs. McCutcheon and McKittrick, visited the home, where the doctors proceeded to examine the person of the deceased, finding what apparently seemed to be a bullet hole in the groin. The wound was opened and a search made for the bullet but none could be found, but the course of the ball showed quite plainly that a large artery and the intestines had been severed, which wound naturally cause death in less than three minutes. No shot having been heard by those present at the time of the accident, it remains a mystery how the wound was caused. Deceased had some large spikes in his pocket but whether one of them caused the accident or a shot from the woods about sixty rods distant, will probably never be known. The post mortem examination was adjourned until Sept. 20th, when no doubt the matter will be more fully investigated. Mr. Thielke leaves a wife and three small children. He had been a resident here about eleven years and was not known to have an enemy in the world.


March 04, 2013

Technology flies by unseen

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