October 13, 2011

You may have noticed that this site is based on the pursuit of happiness. For 7 years I've tried to have fun with the world. It's been a wonderful and exceptionally beautiful ride.

I very recently had someone close - deceive me. A special friend.
They funny part was that I knew it was happening.

When does the truth become something you avoid? Well, when it hurts. You avoid the pain to be happy for the moment - because all we have are moments. When you are presented with a gift of happiness from a friend, it's rare you question it. You're giddy. The tap has opened.

I always like the absurd things in life. Like this photo. They're having fun with the gift of being above ground. The joy of life. The happiness of being.

I'll never change. No matter what people do around me, I'll keep trying to find that ever elusive path to happiness. Like the two gentlemen in this photo, the party has only begun. Let's open that tap and see what comes out. A connection, a smile, a unity of us.

Happiness is illumination. I could never figure out why some people run from the light. They prefer to operate in darkness - running when the switch gets turned on. When you see those that hide from the light - laugh and realize that they live in shadows.

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