May 05, 2011

Outsider artist Franciere. There is writing on each drawing.

"With a face desolate - lonely, strange and foreboding - and with a sweep of his hand - he has spoken; he told society that he wanted no part of its hypocritical dictums. Since he was twelve years old - he was the kind that moved on his own track - that he himself has layed. With two PHD's - Organic Chemistry and Political Science, an ex-Major General in the Airborne Rangers and went mercenary for the CIA - author of four most highly controversial books, and an artist in pen and ink, watercolors and oils - At 43 years old he isn't going to take crap from no man - especially society. Amen

Hollywood & Vine outside the "Apple" - a disco joint, a city of "Sodium Lights" - the orange dreamland, as I saw it - I was doing some "stunt flying" for the movie "The Great Waldo Pepper".

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