March 12, 2011

You may have noticed I haven't been posting on Bighappyfunhouse for the past few weeks. Well, not as much as I usually do. There is a reason for this. I found out that one of my long time fans and commenters took his own life. He was someone I considered a friend... even though we never met in person. We had email contacts. I sent him a high res pic of a photo that he really enjoyed. He blew it up into a large poster. Sent me a photo of it hanging in his room. He was an artist, a poet and man with a brilliant mind.

Death is a hard and strange thing. It stalks us. It it something we all have in common. But life is something we also share. The gift of being above ground is not one I take lightly. I've been fortunate and not lost many people close to me. His death struck me very hard. There was zero indication to me that he intended to do this.

I'm not going to judge what he did. People have reasons for every action. But we're all connected. Those actions fall like dominos across many lives. I hope he is finally at peace. I received many gifts from him but none that I could ever touch. Words are not enough.

I will miss him.

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