January 08, 2011

I think we're living in a time where people are looking for good things to talk about. We in the US have been pounded by a constant barrage of bad news. Economy, wars, corruption and constant stream of negativity. When a story comes along that brightens the day of the masses... it it is greeted with open arms. A light shines through the darkness.

Light finds it's own path. Often times it can be directed in different directions with mirrors. The person in a funhouse doesn't really care who placed them there.... just as long as the person can feel the distraction of momentary happiness. When you step outside of the carnival, you feel better about life. Walking away from pleasure doesn't dim the light. The spark of memory ignites the light.

Carnivals are fun places. Sometimes we feel the games might be rigged... but yet we still happily go... year after year.

Truth is much like this light. I find much peace in it.
I like my rooms illuminated.

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