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November 22, 2010

In 1998 I was playing in a band called Bondo. That year, we released a CD called Fistful of Biscuits. It was a fun band. We played some damned fine shows in and around Chicago.

One song from our album is titled "Fuck You I'm Drunk". It's a quaint little Irish drinking song... The title pretty much sums it all up. Fun and bawdy. It's a catchy little tune that you sing with your friends at the tavern. It became a bit of an underground sensation. The real eye opener for me was being in a bar last year and hearing a group of people singing the song. I went up and told them our band wrote it. At first they didn't believe me. One of them googled it up on his iPhone and confirmed it. I didn't pay for a drink the rest of the night. (thanks guys!)

There are many many YouTube videos of Fuck You I'm Drunk. (non of which we produced). One of the videos has 800k views. The total for all of the different videos is over 2 million views.

Today, we finally put our original version on iTunes. If you appreciate what I do here at Bighappyfunhouse and have a spare .99 cents, download the song.

(Yes, I'm one of the people singing on the song. I also play the call bell)

Here's a handy link to our iTunes page. Thanks!

F**k You I'm Drunk - Single - Bondo

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