June 08, 2009

The the american auto industry is failing. We read of company bankruptcies. Auto workers, dealers and parts suppliers are laying off workers. Much is written about them.

But there is a forgotten group. A portion of the american auto industry the was as important to the success of Detroit as Henry Ford. They too have now lost their jobs. Forgotten by the wayside. Cast off by an industry to which they gave their lives blood.

At Bighappyfunhouse this contribution will never be underestimated.. There was a time when this group showed us the way. The trendsetters. The guides. The ones to watch. They are the true heros of the american dream. The dream we now find crumbling around us.

Let us never forget the ones who made the american car the envy of the entire world. The one thing above all others that made us better, faster and stronger. Our true heros. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the spokesmodels of the 1968 Chicago Auto Show. Gone but never forgotten.

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