November 07, 2008

What do you want to know?

1. Matt - "When isn't it?"

When your gut, your heart, your soul tells you that something is wrong.
Then, it never was

2. Coke - "Should one feel guilty about continually not doing something that probably wouldn't really make much difference anyway?"

True change begins when you stop telling yourself to change and begin acting upon what is causing the negative feelings you are having about yourself. Guilt is a way of punishing yourself. You constantly reaffirm that you are a "bad person". You are not. The circle of thought that you are caught in is the problem. Focus on movement and action rather than punishing yourself with negative thoughts.

3. Franko - "Can't we all just get along?"

Generally no. People need opinions to feel they have a place in the world. Forcing those opinions onto others gives their otherwise fearful lives meaning. All anger comes from fear.

4. Abraham Lincoln - "Name three simple pleasures that are almost as much fun as sex."

These folks offer 30 answers. I would pick 4, 29 and 3.

5. Budman - "Are we there yet?"

I told you to use the bathroom before we left.

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