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August 22, 2008

When your health fails you
You realize what's important to you
My friends, I need you all to know
How much you mean to me

Let us us toast to the future
Come share a libation with me
Eat drink and be merry
For tomorrow we die


August 22, 2008


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August 21, 2008

There may be a lack of pics for the next couple of days
Sorry kids, I'm sick as a dog right now.


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August 18, 2008

Bought a big old box of photos at the flea market. There was a wallet at the bottom of the box.
The wallet of Wally.


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I love how old amateur photographers improvise. Need titles for a slideshow? Just head on down to Ace Hardware and but your self some vinyl stick-on letters. Put em on a window and there ya go. Easy, simple and fun. It was a more innocent time back then. I wonder what the reaction would be today if someone put those same letters on an airplane window?


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August 07, 2008


August 06, 2008

My good friend Nick from Square America just self published a wonderful book. It's amazing. Buy it if you can.

Here are the details



From Nick -
"After a year of work it's finally here- Who We Were: A Snapshot history of America- a collaboration between myself, Michael Williams, and Richard Cahan. 350 photos, all taken by amateur photographers, tell the story of America from the 1890s through the early 1970s, literally beginning inside a surry with a fringe on top and ending on the Moon. Of course there's World Wars (two of them!), the Depression, and Civil Rights marches but there's also child brides and criminals, rabbit hunters and rat-catching contests. It's going to be a really beautiful book- 240 9"x9" pages printed in duotone & 4 color with spot varnishing on 100 pound paper. Everyone ordering here will receive the deluxe edition which will be signed and come with an genuine vintage snapshot enclosed. Plus for every 100 orders taken we will raffle off a copy of the Square America home movie DVD-R which will feature footage from my home movie collection- everything from a 1927 rodeo to a 1970s nudist beauty pagaent. The DVD is not commercially available so it's sure to be a collector's item! And remember, any money I see from this book is certain to be pumped right back into Square America so you'll be helping support the site! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions."


August 06, 2008

The Reader

August 06, 2008

This was fun.

Growing up in Chicago, you always looked forward to thursdays. It was the day the new Chicago Reader came out. I always knew of a few spots in the city that got the paper a little earlier than others. Every thursday morning I'd head out and grab a few copies. I kinda felt like I had a leg up on everyone else in the city. I think every awesome apartment I ever found in the 1980s was through a Reader ad. I've got great memories of those times.

It's strange how rituals become ingrained in you. When I moved to other cities, I wake up on thursdays and feel like something was missing. I was living in San Francisco. One afternoon I called up a friend back in Chicago and asked for a favor. He told me "No problem man, It's done". A week later a package arrived at my door. Inside were the last 6 issues of The Reader. Suddenly, it felt like it was thursday morning again. I blew off the plans I had for the day and read every page of all 6 issues. Even though I was 2000 miles from Chicago, I spent the afternoon on the living room floor... surrounded by my home.


August 06, 2008


August 05, 2008

QSL cards started out with the ham radio operators. If you had a conversation with someone, you'd swap addresses over the ham radio. Then, you'd each other a card. Many times people would just broadcast their address to see who would send them back a card saying they heard them.

All was fine and wonderful in the world of QSL cards until the CB craze hit the nation. Then the QSL cards got a little weird. You see, ham radio operators look upon their hobby as a craft. You need a federal license to be a ham radio operator. The CBers were looked down upon by the hams as illegal heathens who were defiling the airwaves. The hillbillies had moved in next door.

Many of the CBers were old ham operators. the QSL cards started popping up not only for ham radio users but also for the CB crowd. Most of the ham QSL cards are pretty straight laced. Think of them as the republican guy who manicures his lawn on his knees. The CB QSL cards (which I mostly collect) are like a big trailer park decorated with plastic flamingos, tiki torches and 1978 El Caminos. You'll see outhouses, mobile homes, sexual innuendo and all sorts of insanity on the CB version of the QSL cards.


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August 01, 2008

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