The Reader

August 06, 2008

This was fun.

Growing up in Chicago, you always looked forward to thursdays. It was the day the new Chicago Reader came out. I always knew of a few spots in the city that got the paper a little earlier than others. Every thursday morning I'd head out and grab a few copies. I kinda felt like I had a leg up on everyone else in the city. I think every awesome apartment I ever found in the 1980s was through a Reader ad. I've got great memories of those times.

It's strange how rituals become ingrained in you. When I moved to other cities, I wake up on thursdays and feel like something was missing. I was living in San Francisco. One afternoon I called up a friend back in Chicago and asked for a favor. He told me "No problem man, It's done". A week later a package arrived at my door. Inside were the last 6 issues of The Reader. Suddenly, it felt like it was thursday morning again. I blew off the plans I had for the day and read every page of all 6 issues. Even though I was 2000 miles from Chicago, I spent the afternoon on the living room floor... surrounded by my home.

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