July 20, 2008

Small moments of happiness change your life. It's hard to avoid who you are and where you've been. You move from home to the big city. The metal beams of then el tracks are always screaming. You're in a crowd of people who are fighting you for food. Your dreams become shorter as moments are filled with the work of survival. There are times you come back home. A holiday, a wake, or sometimes a point of desperation or perhaps love. Going there to remember a place, a moment... that fleeting afternoon of wonder. Standing in the grass with your shoes at your side. The exact spot of discovery is your place to become that small moment all over again. Everything else goes away. There is no more screaming of the el, the people who want. There is just silence, the sun and the memory of where you changed. The moment of what was helps you define what is. The city calls you back. Looking up the valley of LaSalle Street, it seems different. Not so big. Not so loud now. It too has changed.

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