August 27, 2007

There's this crazy thing that I love about vernacular photographs. It's that moment in time. Now. Now. Then. Where we were. Look at what was. It is captured. Here. Now. Then. A record.

It's a moment. It's a story.

I find my photos in Chicago. The Midwest. The Heartland.

It's America. It's who we were... And in some sense, who we are...

There are times I look at a photo and wonder.. Where are they? What happened?

Is there ever an end to the story.....

You can make one up or pretend to know the answer.

We look and wonder what was.. without realizing we are living what is

Someday, someone will look in a box at a flea market...

And buy a photo of you goofing off in front of a store....

It'll be a great photo... It will make them smile.....

And everyone will wonder what the story is behind the image...

By then.... the story has faded away...

And all that is left is a the snapshot of the moment...

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