June 28, 2007

Listen up you Heads. You think this is some kind of game?
Dancing in the fields?
With human bodies?

Listen up Heads. Us Clowns, we're not going to sit by and watch you be the only toys with human bodies.

We asked for the formula. We begged. We offered to buy it.

Your response? Silence. Silence and pictures of you... frolicking in the park with your new human-style bodies. Damn you. Damn you all to hell.

Now the gloves are off.

You know your Uncle Fritz? The one who lives in Chicago.
When is the last time you spoke with him?

Don't know where he is?

Well, we do. Us Clowns have him.

Don't worry. Here's not hurt. Yet....

We want the formula. We want it now or we see if uncle Fritzie here can fly.

You have one week to respond.

The Clowns

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