February 14, 2007

Last sunday was the Graylake antique market. It was a pretty good show for the middle of winter. Lots of dealers... lots of good photographs to buy. I ran into Nick from Square America. We stopped at a friend of ours booth and the guy pointed to a massive tub-o-photos. He said "I think you've seen most of those but... hey, you never know". Nick and I walked over and started diggin through the pile. It was a competition of sorts... each one of us holding up interesting photographs for the other to see. Lots of banter. We traded some photos back and forth. It was a good time. I came across this photo and for some reason or another it struck me. I showed it to Nick and he said "Nice". I added it to my keeper stack.

On the way home from the antique show I stopped at a diner. I was wiped out and needed some coffee (and pie) for the ride home. I pulled out the big bag of photos from the show. I was going through them when I felt someone watching me. I looked up and the waitress was staring at this photo that I had on top of the stack.

"Is that your grandmother?" she asked.
I was caught off guard and didn't know what top say.
I just said "Uh... yea"
The waitress poured my coffee
I ordered a slice of coconut cream pie
When she came back with the pie, she said to me
"You know she's up there watching you"
"Who?" I asked
"Your grandma"
I looked up from my pie and smiled at her
"I know"
We stared at each other smiling like we both knew a secret that the rest of the world had yet to discover.

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