November 14, 2006

They can't wash it away. They couldn't even if they used all the soap in the world. Even if they made it look better...we'd still all know what happened. That's never going away. I warned them. I told them it was gonna happen again. I told them last night. I was shushed away they always do. This time I got mad. I knew what was to be and so did the rest of the room. Why the hell do we pretend like it's not there? My anger got the best of me and I slammed the door so hard that the crucifix fell from the wall. Grandma looked up from her chair and said "That's a sign". Mom told her shut her mouth and picked the crucifix up off the floor. From her lowered head grandma said "Something bad is going to happen" Mom glared at grandma and the room fell silent. We knew she was right but didn't want to face the truth. It was going to happen and there wasn't a damned thing any one of us could do about it.

We all went to sleep knowing what we would face in the morning.

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