November 12, 2006

So I'm walkin down the street, trying to get where I need to be. A car pulls up and it's my friend. He yells out. "Why the hell you walkin man?" I explain that I'm trying to get where I need to be. He says "Get in man, I can get you there quicker". I look at him for a second and then I realize where he's been. I ask myself if I really need to get where I need to be any faster than mother nature can get me there on my own. I realize that this is just another test and I tell him "No man, I can do it on my own". Later that night he sees me at where I needed to be and he points his finger at me and says "Bang! Now you're here". Right then, yea right then, I realize that now I'm where I need to be. The best part, yea the best part to me, is that I got there on my own. Freedom baby, freedom.

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