September 25, 2006

*Warning - White Trash Story to Follow*

When I was a kid
Every adult woman in my family smoked
They always had a cig in their fingers
And they became really good
At doing all the basic things in life
With that lit cigarette
Waving around in the air like a
Magicians wand
Almost anything
With that cigarette
Between her fingers

One Thanksgiving
I watched my aunt
Smack her kid upside the head with one hand
While balancing a plate of food and a cocktail in the other
The cigarette in her fingers
Never dropped an ash
I remember wondering
"How did she do that?"
Was there a special class you took
At community college?
Or was it just passed on in the genes
From one generation to the next?

Kids have fun
Sometimes you'd be running around
And you'd run into the lit cigarette
You'd howl with pain
They'd look down at you
The response was always the same
A quick inspection of your burn
A pat on the head
"Oh honey. I'm sooo sorry"
Then they'd light up another cigarette
And continue making
The tuna casserole

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