No No No No No

September 14, 2006

Earlier this week I bought a couple hundred boxes of vintage carnival toys (don't ask..I don't even know why). So today, I'm sorting through some them..... I reach into a huge box and pull out this little plastic clown. I look down at it and it smiles at me. I throw it on the ground and turn away....but somehow.... he's suddenly in front of me.... I walk out of the warehouse and he's there....on the sidewalk....waiting....smiling.

At first I just see him.

But them I notice.

He's not alone.

Now there are hundreds of these little bastards.

An army of tiny smiling clowns......silently..... waiting.

Are your doors locked tonight? All your windows shut?

Not that it matters.

They always find a way in.

Yes Virgina, there is a devil and he wears a polka dot clownsuit.

God help us all.


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