August 31, 2006

Go out
Be happy today
Enjoy life my friends
Because you know what happens when you die
Your parents will come to your house
And sell everything you own
On your front lawn
For just a dollar
And from the grave
You scream no no no
I paid forty dollars for that
But they don’t hear you
"That's just a dollar"
Your anime collection
It took you 20 years
Aunt Anne just sold a boxfull...
"That's just a dollar"
That signed Warhol print
That you found in a thrift store
In Memphis Tennessee
"That’s just a dollar"
It happens like this
They put you in the ground
And as you lie in your grave
From very far away
You hear a strange sound
"That’s a dollar"

So anyhow, on that note, have a wonderful day that's full of adventure, fornication, glee, pie, hanging upside down and living the good life. And why you're at it, go hit some yard sales and buy a few things for a dollar. I hear there are some real bargains out there.

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