August 27, 2006

OK, lets take a moment and put everything in perspective.

It's only a website.

A dumb little photo related website.

There is more to life than this.

Go outside look at the sky.

Play with someone.

Buy a Frisbee.

Go get some pie.

Take a long drive.

Pretend you're a pirate all day long.

Learn to play the piano.

Go to a flea market and buy useless junk.

Enjoy life as god meant you to.

And say to yourself a few times.

It's only a website.....

(On another note... has anyone here ever lived in milwaukee? If so, drop me an email)

About the Funhouse

I'm glad you're here

Welcome to
Ron Slattery's

Vernacular photography is my thing...

Well, that and photos of
plastic covered couches...

Enjoy the pie...

Drop me an email

I also collect
QSL Cards and other crapola
See it all
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Cherish life my friends
Every day above ground
Is a good day


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