July 04, 2006

More email goodness
This one from Heidi

"In the mood of your website, I present a photo of my childhood living
room, but from my dad's bachelor days.

He bought the house in 1959, when he was 33. Until then, he was content
to live with his parents. He didn't have a washer or dryer until he was
engaged to my mom in 1965, because his mom would still do his laundry
for him.

He chose the house, in part, because of the long solid wall. An optimal
distance for his 200-pound speakers in each corner. Note the TV,
turntable, AM/FM combination. Here is a man who loves music and
electronics. Nearly all of the albums shown are band albums. He
doesn't just have "The Marches" but he has a section for Spanish
marches, English Marches, German Marches. And again for the polka
albums. And lots of jazz and big band. And Stan Freberg, the Smothers
Brothers. I found an album once, as a kid, called "Everything You
Should Know from the Kinsey Report" But is was just a talking album. I
did like the MAD album and one called "Knockers Up."

The coffee table is solid marble. As a wee 'un, about 6, I was scooting
around on hands and knees and knocked my face into the table. I had
quite a shiner, just in time for Christmas photos. In my teen years, I
found out that the marble top only rests on the metal frame - it isn't
firmly attached. I learned this when the top slid off the metal frame
and landed on my brother's foot.

The wallpaper is still there, though is was painted light green in the
80's. Alternating sections of smooth and sandpaper in one-foot squares.

What you can't see is the cool antenna dial with compass markings. As
kids, we'd turn the dial, then run out to the yard to watch the antenna
point to the new direction.

Dad was so proud of this place that this was the photo he sent with his
Christmas cards that year, out in his first place.

And his only place. He turns 80 today, and he's still there with my mom."

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