February 15, 2006

So I head on over to pick up the motorhome this morning and I'm feeling on top of the world. Everything is falling into place. There is goodness on the planet.

There motorhome sits in the owners driveway ready to become the rolling Bighappyfunhouse. I take it for a final test drive. It dies three times. The engine now sounds like shit. The owner looks at me and says "Are you very mechanical?".

I walked away. I'm headed to Indiana to look at another one today.

An old antique dealer once told me this.

"Sometimes when I'm driving home from an estate sale and my car is empty, I say to myself, Hooray Hooray I bought nothing today. Sometimes it's a good day if you find nothing to buy. It means you get to keep your money for another sale"

Cross yer fingers.

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