January 12, 2006

Over the holidays I got a couple of emails that made me smile.
The first was a reaction to a photo I posted which featured a black santa claus.
The second is from Lorelei and really sums up the feel of christmas.

"I had to tell you this story. I saved the picture "throne" to my desktop and just
left it there for the last few days. I was curious if my kids (son 9 and daughter 8)
would notice it and if they did what would they say. (We live in a predominantly
Caucasian neighborhood with a sprinkling of various ethnic groups.)
Last night my son asked about the picture on my computer. My daughter chimed in and told him he has dark skin. My son said to her that he didn't know Santa had dark skin. My daughter in her small voice said he is magic but she thinks maybe he always has dark skin. All my son said was, "Hmm, in the mall he only has white skin". Ron, I could have cried. I never said a word the entire time and they came to theconclusion themselves. There was no judgment, doubt or misunderstanding.
He was just Santa.

I am trying very hard to raise my children with not just a tolerance but a love for
all humanity. I don't want them to see a man and see colour. I want them to just see
a man.

I have spent a lot of time teaching them about what happens when we see a fellow
human being as less then ourselves but some things just can't be taught in words but
in spirit.

Thanks for the picture."

I have family
Many long since gone
Sometimes when I'm sleeping
Some sing a song
Even the pets we used to keep
Although I no longer live there,
I hear them creep
Little dogs and cats crawl and
Sleep at my feet
in the bed in
warm bedding
I hear their animal murmurs
and their drooling, and their purrs
And then
and another
comes to stroke my forehead
Thinking I have fever
One hand
And then another (i know it is)
It's almost a fight, because
I see no one, but
You know
It's Holiday, and
Who wants to be unnoticed?
I am so lucky
I have two spirits fighting over me.

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