November 27, 2005

Because I'm such a dirty little hippie at heart, I ask you the following question.
I put aside a buncha vintage Christmas photos. Which way should I post em.
It's up to you guys

A. Have only the christmas pics everyday for the two weeks before Chrstmas

B. Post one christmas pic a day in addition to the normal piefest.

C. Post all the christmas pics at once on one day (christmas eve?).

D. Post none and put my fingers in my ears and hope the holidays will just go away.

E. Buy an RV and live like a vagabond, selling grubby little trinkets at flea markets to make enough money to make it to the next campground.

F. Learn to play piano and finally record all those bad hillbilly songs I've been writing all these years.

G. Just go bowling

Lemme know, the fate of the western world depends on it.

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