September 14, 2005

He walks into the bedroom with his camera.
He smiles.
You ask "Why the camera?".
He says "I want some pictures of you."
You're young and also an artist.
"They're only for me. No one will ever see them"
You smile and lay back.
The camera clicks.
Over and over.

I got these from a guy at the flea market who was making a big deal out of showing everyone "Dis naked chick here". I looked the photos he was selling and saw it was some Wicker Park artbabe just having fun with her boyfriend. They were happy and in love. You could tell by their eyes. There were at least a hundred photos and most are much more revealing than the one I posted. Right then, the guy selling them called over some of his friends "Hey Eddie, Steve ya gotta see dis, check out the naked broad". I felt bad for the girl in the pictures. The flea market goons were about to be drooling over her body. I asked the guy how much. he said "For all of them? Fifty bucks." I bought the whole pile of photos and put them in my bag. Eddie and Steve came over and asked to see the pics. I told them "She wouldn't like that". They both kinda stared at me for a minute and then Steve said "Ron you're fucking weird, you know that."


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