Yep, me again

August 22, 2005


My first apartment in Chicago.
Why did I move at such a young age?
My mom kicked me out so she could live with her new rich boyfriend.
(Thanks mom)

I stayed with my grandmother for a time and then got this apartment with a friend.
We were both broke.
So we did what any poor Chicagoian would.
We turned to the alleys to find find stuff for the apartment
We garbage picked everything. Our furniture, the decor even some clothes.
Well, almost everything.
The lamp at my right was bought at a shop on Wells Street called Bizarre Bazaar.
It's made of white plastic and shaped like a giant chinese food container.
(it even had the wire handle)
When I saw it at the store, it was a week after I had been kicked out.
I think I only bought it because I knew my mom would have hated it.
A couple of years later she came by to see how I was doing.
(how kind of her)
As she sat on our ratty plaid couch I could see her staring at my lamp.
I looked at her and smiled and said "Nice lamp huh."

I really loved that crappy lamp.
To me it was freedom.

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