August 08, 2005

So once again, I'm being haunted by my upskirt past. I signed up with Google Adsense figuring with all the crazy traffic Bighappyfunhouse gets I'd actually make a few bucks from all of this. Adsense is an active system which places different ads on your site relative to your content. One problem. Google is seeing what people are searching for when they arrive here. This is one way Google decides what to advertise on my site.

A sample from todays searches;

Free Upskirt
Upskirt Legs
Upskirt Photos
Upskirt Pics
Upskirt Girls

You get the idea. Anyhow, the Adsense program seems to think I'm a great place to advertise "Womens Apparel" and "Wholesale Womens Skirts". I've made a glorious .27 cents from the advertising.

I remain
The upskirt king of Chicago.


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