Special for Mr. Ron

July 13, 2005


Earlier this year I mentioned "upskirt" in one of my posts. For some reason this caused Google to pick me up as a site featuring upskirt photos. For awhile there I was in the top ten for "upskirt photos". I was the upskirt king of Chicago. I was filled with pride. Thursday night I was out with some friends and the subject came up. I explained how the referer logs for Bighappy were full of searches for 'hot upskirt action" and "upskirt + photo + pantyhose". I was actually getting some heavy traffic from the upskirt fans. We all had a good laugh about the pervs who came to Bighappy looking for hot hot hot upskirt action and left with a limp erection.

The next day I got a call to go look at a house in the suburbs. The gentleman who owned the house had passed away and the family was settling up the estate. They had some antiques to sell but they also wanted to get rid of everything inside the house. After a bit of haggling, we agreed on a price. They needed it done fast so we scheduled the job to start the next day

In the morning, I came back with the big truck and my two Polish helpers, Stanley and Mark. The sister of the man who had died was waiting for me on the front porch. She handed me the keys to the house and said "Let me know if you find anything interesting." I looked at her with a puzzled expression. She just winked at me and walked off to her car. "Well that was strange" I thought. I knew the family had gone through his belongings looking for important papers and records. Maybe they saw something interesting while they looked around.

The two helpers I brought with were great workers. We had most of the house packed up by early afternoon. All we had to do was load it all onto the truck. We decided to break for lunch. I bought the guys some grub and we sat on the front porch to eat. The sister came back to see how we were doing. "Find anything interesting?" she asked me with a smile. "Not yet" I told her (still puzzled by what she meant). She said she had some errands to run and would be back about 5:00 to lock the house up.

The guys were loading the truck with the last boxes. There was one small box sitting in the corner of the living room. Stanley walked into the room and pointed at the box. "That one for you" he said in broken english. Whenever the guys do this it's usually a box of porn, a dildo or something else obnoxious they've found in the house. I walked over to the box and opened the top to find it was full of photos....upskirt photos. Lots and lots of upskirt photos. Yes, hot hot hot upskirt action. I looked back at Stanley and Mark and they were both laughing like hell. "Special for Mr Ron" said Mark. "Where did you find all of this?" I asked. "In bedroom." said Stanley.

I took the box and loaded it into the back of the truck. I was now the proud owner of over 500 upskirt photos. Apparently the gentleman who owned the house sent off responses to ads in the back of magazines. After sending the ladies money, he received a hand written letter and a bunch of upskirt photos. He was quite the collector. The pic above was the first one I saw when I opened the box.

The sister came back at 5:00 as promised. As I handed her back the keys I said "We found something interesting". She smiled and said "I thought you would. My brother, he was something else huh?"

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