June 11, 2005

Those socks.

It strange how a picture can bring up a memory of something you haven't thought about for years and years.

When I saw the socks in this pic, I had flashbacks to a childhood memory. My mom took me to Sears to buy some underwear and socks. Mom was always looking for a bargain whenever she shopped so it wasn't long before she found the socks that were on sale. One problem. They were all the same color as the socks this guy's wearing. I pleaded with my mom not to buy the butt ugly, light blue socks but nothing I could say would change her mind. She could never pass up a bargain...she bought the damned socks.

There was no way I was going to wear those socks to school. I had gym class third period and I'd never hear the end of it from the other kids. So everyday in the morning, after mom dropped me off at school, I'd take off my socks and hide them in a bush outside the school.

To this day I refuse to wear anyhing that's that color blue.


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