February 28, 2005



February 28, 2005



February 27, 2005



February 26, 2005


You wouldn't believe the rest of the pics I found with this one.

I'm up to seventh on Google for upskirt photos. I had no idea they were so damned popular. I swear, I'm going to start an upskirt site a finally make some money from all of this.


February 25, 2005



February 24, 2005



February 23, 2005


OK, it's not everyday I find a pic of a person frozen in ice. And it's not everyday I find the face that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I have no idea why he scares the crap out of me but he does.


February 22, 2005


Come True

February 22, 2005



February 21, 2005


Big Hot Upskirt Action Photos

February 20, 2005

Oh great. The post where I mentioned upskirt photos has generated a ton of traffic from people searching for (of course) "upskirt photos". And of course me posting this will get even more men - at the computer - in their underwear - with one hand - in their shorts - looking for sexy upskirt shots. I've risen to the glorious position of 13th for upskirt photos on Google.

Gentlemen, I'm sorry, you won't find any hot and heavy upskirt photos here. But wait, I don't want you guys to go away disappointed. I have an exciting offer for you. When you send me forty bucks to the P.O. Box listed on this site, I'll send you an ultra rare upskirt shot of me in a kilt - on a barstool. It's that special kind of sexy and erotic upskirt shot you've been searching for. I guarantee it will titillate you to new heights of pleasure......

I'm here to make everyone happy.

Sunday All Day

February 20, 2005



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February 18, 2005

One of the wonderful things about having a website is the referrer log. You get to see which searches people use on google, yahoo, msn to end up at your site. It gives you a picture of who visits.

Some of my favorites

1. Found Photos........ Naturally number one

2. Big Melons........ Now where the hell did this one come from? Is there some hot hot boob action here that I don't know about?

3. Mermaid........ I once posted a pic of a guy holding a cement mermaid. (Note to self, find more mermaid pics)

4. Bologna........ Meat, always a popular subject

5. Upskirt Photos........OK, I'm starting to see a pattern here

6. Ozzy........ Well, he's popular

7. Sex Sex Sex........ "Dammit, I'm a gonna type sex THREE times an get me some GOOD pictures"

8. Gams........ Proof that horny eighty year old men actually use computers

9. Short Skirt Photos.. The leg theme continues

10. Terror........ OK, no more clown photos...ever

What this all tells me is that sex sells. Sex, big melons, gams, upskirt photos and of course bologna.

I've got quite a collection of found nude photos. Maybe I'll set up a seperate area here for the found smut.

Head on over to Slats.org. The scariest chicken wing in the world awaits you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Tell Me

February 18, 2005


Two Weeks

February 18, 2005


Little Crawling Stone Lake

February 18, 2005



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February 15, 2005



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February 08, 2005



February 08, 2005


Tales from the Funhouse Contest #5

February 07, 2005


Welcome to Tales From the Funhouse #5
Each week on Monday I have a found photo short story contest. You too can win wonderful prizes and be known as "An Award Winning Writer".

This weeks found photo contest pic is the giant half fish (see above). Base your short story on that photo. The short story can be funny, serious or anything you like.

The stories will be judged by three of my favorite bloggers. The winner will get a wonderful prize and have their story posted here on Bighappyfunhouse. This weeks prize is a fine Snap Crackle and Pop towel and washcloth, a sterling silver coin from from 1972, a old nodder which says "bourbon" on the bottom, a upskirt pic of some woman on a couch and a wonderful photo of some shriners (see pic below).

The deadline for submissions is Saturday Feb 12th, 11:59 pm US central time.

The judges are
Wendy from Pound
Andrew from Gapers Block
Joe from Joe's New York City

Send your stories to ron@bighappyfunhouse.com. I'll send you an email confirming I received it.

Good luck and have fun


A wonderful email from a reader.

"Ron -

"The item you refer to as a "half fish" is actually a complete fish - a
giant sunfish, or "mola mola".

Check out:

Monterey Bay Whale Watch


Brixham Sea Watch

SF Gate

"I had to pass on information about this fish - it HAUNTED me when I was
a little girl. I'd seen a drawing of it in one of those field guides that
were mass produced in the 60s by ... Golden Books? I'm not sure. (I bet
the parents still have it on the shelf!) Anyway, the drawing showed it
being about 10 times as tall as a human, and about six human lengths long."

"THIS SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Didn't help that a brother caught me
reading about it and told me those existed in our little inland lake in

"Sigh. There went any hope of me ever feeling safe in deep water!"


(the brothers also told me that the seaweed, which they were HOLDING IN
THEIR HANDS, was "flesh eating" and chased me with it. Yeah, I was
gullible. Lordy.)"

Winner of Tales From the Funhouse Contest #4

February 07, 2005

There was a time, I'm sure, where we'd wondered more about Marta than we do
now. Momma, known as "Sea Bess" to those outside the family who knew her well,
would have to be the most pious and devoted mother of a vampire the world will
ever see.

When Marta was just an infant, when her startling glares and tiny fangs had
yet to define her, awareness of her steady descent into darkness was almost
undetectable. The day I'd worn my knee-high leather moccasins after the storm -
and the water climbed up the suede past my ankles to mid-calf during a
half-day of walking-- I'd hardly noticed until I was almost home. That was Marta
going from odd little baby to full-fledged vampire. We all didn't know and then we
all did, and we weren't that surprised.

Margoleen, ever the model of Momma in her acceptance of Marta's oddness, hid
her fear of her vampire sister well, if there was any fear at all. She treated
Marta as she treated most everyone else in her quiet little life. Defiantly
accepting. She went about so lightly in peculiarity's midst, challenging God to
throttle-up the cliched sort of irritants that buckled most.

Margoleen had never fought with her sister, nor her mother. No, her feud was
always with whatever had created the strangeness around her. She fought this
feud with a jutted chin and a calm, like a seat-buckled little sister in the
back of the family station wagon.

Margoleen thought her mother looked a little like Charles Durning, but she
never said a thing about Marta. The three together against the world with the
smallish Margoleen playing point guard? Perhaps. More likely it was Margoleen
against the world, with Charles Durning resigned to her fate, and Marta
celebrating her every vile, bloodcurdling whim.


February 06, 2005


I'll be posting the

February 05, 2005

I'll be posting the results of the Tales From the Funhouse contest on Monday. I'm having some work done on the site and will be moving the contest from Friday to Monday. Thanks for your Patience, Love and Understanding. In the meantime enjoy this pic of some dude smoking.



February 05, 2005


I'm awaiting one judges votes.

February 04, 2005

I'm awaiting one judges votes.
While we wait, please enjoy this pleasant muzak
And the paintings of
Eddie Breen
Eddie Breen
Eddie Breen
Eddie Breen

Friday at 5

February 03, 2005


Friday at 9

February 03, 2005


Tales from the Funhouse

February 02, 2005


The deadline for this weeks contest is tonight.

Welcome to Tales From the Funhouse #4
Thank you to everyone who's been sending in the stories. I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am.

Each week on Friday we have a found photo short story contest.

This weeks found photo contest pic is the three women on the couch (above). Base your short story on that photo. The short story can be funny, serious or what ever toots yer horn.

The stories will be judged by a panel of esteemed bloggers. The winner will get a wonderful prize and have their story posted here on Bighappyfunhouse. This weeks prize is a Texas sterling silver bicentennial medal from the Franklin Mint, a Twilight Zone DVD, a 8 x 10 of Annie Golden of The Shirts, something called Dampoo from 1949 (dampens clothes without sprinkling), a box of Minipoo a "new quick dry shampoo" and a photo of Sister Lois Alvis playing a sweet Gibson guitar.The deadline for submissions is Wednesday January 26th, 8:00 pm US central time. This week I'll post the top three stories the judges pick so yall can see what's coming in.

The judges are
Wendy from Pound
Andrew from Gapers Block
Joe from Joe's New York City

Send your stories to ron@bighappyfunhouse.com. I'll send you an email confirming I received it.

Good luck and have fun


And You

February 01, 2005



February 01, 2005


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