February 18, 2005

One of the wonderful things about having a website is the referrer log. You get to see which searches people use on google, yahoo, msn to end up at your site. It gives you a picture of who visits.

Some of my favorites

1. Found Photos........ Naturally number one

2. Big Melons........ Now where the hell did this one come from? Is there some hot hot boob action here that I don't know about?

3. Mermaid........ I once posted a pic of a guy holding a cement mermaid. (Note to self, find more mermaid pics)

4. Bologna........ Meat, always a popular subject

5. Upskirt Photos........OK, I'm starting to see a pattern here

6. Ozzy........ Well, he's popular

7. Sex Sex Sex........ "Dammit, I'm a gonna type sex THREE times an get me some GOOD pictures"

8. Gams........ Proof that horny eighty year old men actually use computers

9. Short Skirt Photos.. The leg theme continues

10. Terror........ OK, no more clown photos...ever

What this all tells me is that sex sells. Sex, big melons, gams, upskirt photos and of course bologna.

I've got quite a collection of found nude photos. Maybe I'll set up a seperate area here for the found smut.

Head on over to The scariest chicken wing in the world awaits you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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