Tales from the Funhouse Contest #5

February 07, 2005


Welcome to Tales From the Funhouse #5
Each week on Monday I have a found photo short story contest. You too can win wonderful prizes and be known as "An Award Winning Writer".

This weeks found photo contest pic is the giant half fish (see above). Base your short story on that photo. The short story can be funny, serious or anything you like.

The stories will be judged by three of my favorite bloggers. The winner will get a wonderful prize and have their story posted here on Bighappyfunhouse. This weeks prize is a fine Snap Crackle and Pop towel and washcloth, a sterling silver coin from from 1972, a old nodder which says "bourbon" on the bottom, a upskirt pic of some woman on a couch and a wonderful photo of some shriners (see pic below).

The deadline for submissions is Saturday Feb 12th, 11:59 pm US central time.

The judges are
Wendy from Pound
Andrew from Gapers Block
Joe from Joe's New York City

Send your stories to ron@bighappyfunhouse.com. I'll send you an email confirming I received it.

Good luck and have fun


A wonderful email from a reader.

"Ron -

"The item you refer to as a "half fish" is actually a complete fish - a
giant sunfish, or "mola mola".

Check out:

Monterey Bay Whale Watch


Brixham Sea Watch

SF Gate

"I had to pass on information about this fish - it HAUNTED me when I was
a little girl. I'd seen a drawing of it in one of those field guides that
were mass produced in the 60s by ... Golden Books? I'm not sure. (I bet
the parents still have it on the shelf!) Anyway, the drawing showed it
being about 10 times as tall as a human, and about six human lengths long."

"THIS SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Didn't help that a brother caught me
reading about it and told me those existed in our little inland lake in

"Sigh. There went any hope of me ever feeling safe in deep water!"


(the brothers also told me that the seaweed, which they were HOLDING IN
THEIR HANDS, was "flesh eating" and chased me with it. Yeah, I was
gullible. Lordy.)"

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