The Winner of Contest #2

January 22, 2005

This weeks winner of our Tales From the Funhouse found photo story contest is Jennifer Morgan of She wins the jadite batter bowl and a fine pic of some guy playing poker. Here's her entry.


ěYou get back here Johnny!î was the last thing he heard as the feelings of
undeniable guilt washed over him. The adrenaline pounded in his veins and
his thoughts raced to the only place he felt safe. As his legs began go to
turn to rubber from the energy exerted, he felt the need to clutch that
little soft book even tighter. He feared it would slip from his grasp, now
sweaty from his sprint through the back out cropping of trees and then into
his neighbors clearing. The slick cover gave a little squeak as he clamped
down on it harder.

He slowed his pace as he traveled through the head high wild flowers, there
to feed those terrible bees. He slunk past the apiary. He was always afraid
he would wake the bees up if he ran past or made too much noise, and they
too would hunt him down with military precision.

As Johnny got to the oak tree his fort was built in the shade of,
camouflaged by saplings and undergrowth, he finally felt a calm start to
sooth him. He slunk under the canvas door and into the little warren he had
built for himself. He lit the sole beeswax candle he had pilfered from the
old man who kept that terrible army of buzzing soldiers.

Finally, as he caught his breath, he opened his ill begotten but so a
precious treasureÖ
The new issue of National Geographic.
At last.

Thanks for all the stories and be sure to enter this weeks contest.


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