Contest Winner #1

January 15, 2005

The judges have spoken. We have a winner in the first ever Tales From the Funhouse contest. Congratulations to Randall Thomas. He will receive the four 1966 Robin mugs and the fine photo of the Kid in the Hat. I cannot begin to thank all of the people who sent in stories. I wish I could make everyone the winner.

Don't forget this weeks contest! That jadite batter bowl needs a new home.
Wednesday night is the deadline.


With his mess kit in one hand and his kit Messy under the other, Roger Olivene faced the cameras one last time. His subtle smirk had lost none of its edge over the years;
Millions of fans stared quietly waiting to hear him say the words made famous two decades earlier.
But he just stood there, a slight rightward tilt to his face, as though attempting to compensate for the mass of hair on the left side of his head.

The wind rattled the mess kit; blew his tie inside his shirt. Messy stared through the papparrazzi, intent on some distant prey.

"Roger! Roger! What will you do now?"
"Roger! Are the rumours true?"
"Roger! Say it one more time!"
Flashbulbs continued to pepper the scene.
Messy's tail twitched in annoyance.

Roger's mouth opened slightly and the crowd hushed. He shut it again, and the crowd stared back. Pebbles in the dirt scrunched as he wheeled about on his left foot and turned his back to the crowd. He took five steps to the corner of the building and looked back briefly before disappearing from view.

"What're ya? Yella, fella?" he muttered under his breath. And before the crowd could react, Roger dropped his mess kit and his best kit Messy and ran for the waiting car.

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