Real Horses

July 12, 2004

There is a natural madness to every flea market I've ever been to.
So, yesterday I'm at the flea market (looking for pics to make you happy). It's a big market with mostly Mexican vendors. You've got guys selling everything from boxes of mangos to just plain junk. At the back of the market there's a big commotion going on so being the natural gawker that I am, I go on back to see what's up. There in the rear of the flea market, are four of Chicagos finest arguing with the a guy who has four miniature ponies. You know, the ponies they put the kids on to take the poloroid pics for a souvenir. The cops want to see the licenses for the "horses". The pony guy's pleading with the cops not to take the horses away from him.

I'm standing next to a friend of mine watching the whole scene and he turns to me and says "What the big deal? It's just for the kids. I mean it's not like they're real horses or anything". Another guy standing near us overhears this and says to us "If they're not real why are the cops there?"

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